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You and the Courts

The Justice of the Peace court is the lowest level court in the Scottish Criminal Justice system. It is presided over by a lay member of the public (non legally qualified) however, they are guided in their decisions by the legal adviser who also acts as the clerk of court. The Justice of the Peace Court deals with a range of cases, the most common being road traffic matters. The JP court deals with a significant number of ROAD TRAFFIC cases that could lead to penalty points or a disqualification. We are experienced and skilled in ROAD TRAFFIC law and procedure and have successfully represented many clients who because of our representation  have been able to keep their driving licence and in some cases their livelihoods.
If you receive a summons or notice of a case calling at any JP court, contact us immediately.

The Sheriff court is the busiest of all the courts and deals with both summary and solemn cases. Summary cases are dealt with by a sheriff alone and most types of crime can be dealt with by summary procedure. The maximum penalty you can receive on a summary complaint is 12 months imprisonment. Solemn cases proceed before a sheriff and a jury and more serious forms of criminal behaviour proceed this way. The court can impose custodial sentences of up to 5 years in solemn cases. All of our qualified solicitors are experienced in conducting a Sheriff and Jury trial and have outstanding success rates. Your case will be fully prepared and you will be kept informed every step of the way with your trial conducted by one of our lawyers who will be known to you.It is this attention to detail and standard of care that sets us apart.

The High Court of Justiciary is the forum for the most serious types of crime. Our solicitor advocate Ian Bryce can prepare and conduct your case. Our solemn team will leave no stone unturned in fully investigating your defence.